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Spring Ahead with Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Fri, 01 Sep 2017 07:00:00 GMT

With Spring just about to “bust out all over”, many of us are beginning to realize that winter is not really going to disappear completely until we give it a little push.
Here’s the thing. Most homes and offices, having been closed up all season, are harboring stale air that could sure use a little freshening up. However, the scents of winter don’t just hang in the air above our heads, they also settle into the furniture and carpeting. There are many suggestions about the best ways to clean carpeting. Realistically, the particular cleanser used, as well as its applications, depends upon the type of carpet needing attention.

Pre-treating is always a good idea. Carpet cleaning is often an intimidating job, and to begin by preparing the carpeting with a good pre-treating solution will serve to make the process easier. Ground in dirt and stains will disappear before the deep cleaning action begins, and, upon completion of the task, the carpeting will not only look new, but will also feel new beneath your feet. Even high traffic areas take on a whole new life after a thorough cleaning.

Carpet cleaning includes the “art” of vacuuming. Carpet that is kept clean with regular care stands to have a good long life. In addition, vacuuming carpet can greatly reduce allergens. The air in carpeted rooms benefits from the daily care of the floors, as well. Less dust will rise from the floor as a result of people walking through the room when carpeting is kept clean and dust free. Less dust in the air contributes to an allergy-free environment; hence, healthier families and healthier employees.

Proper care of carpeting is essential to the attractive appearance of a home or office space. Feel free to contact us and let our professional staff answer any questions you may have about maintaining the carpeting in your home or workplace. We train our agents and crew with the highest quality cleaning solutions and equipment. We’d love to hear from you!

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