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Are You Ready To Try DIY Carpet Stain Removal?

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 10:06:50 GMT

Being able to remove stains from carpet without calling a professional is important to many people. Not only can it save you a ton of money, but it’s a lot faster than waiting for that company to arrive, do the job and be finished with it. You might also be able to remove a great many stains without the use of harsh chemicals, something that can be even more important if there are small children or pets in the home.
Here are some things to think about when you are considering a DIY projects for your home.
What Are The Hardest Carpet Stains To Remove?

Wine is probably one of the hardest stains to get out of your carpet, especially if it’s left to dry. With a stain of this caliber, treat immediately with hydrogen peroxide, allowing it to sit for a few minutes. Use a spray bottle filled with a little water and cleaner to spray the area. Don’t be tempted to rub the carpet! Blot firmly and use several clean cloths as they pick up the stain.

Coffee is another beverage frequently spilled and left to dry in the carpet, which can result in a disaster, especially if you have light-colored carpeting. Mixing a little vinegar with dish detergent can be used to take care of this stain. And remember that it’s always best to make sure to treat the stain while it’s still wet.

When To Ditch The DIY

There are certain times that you will want to call a professional, even if you think you might be able to get the stain out yourself.

For instance, if a friend or family member is injured and you find yourself with blood stains in your carpet, it is definitely a good idea to call a professional. It can be a very hard stain to remove because, in the severity of the moment, the stain is often left to dry and therefore much harder to remove.

If you are in the process of selling your home, you will most certainly want to bring in a professional carpet cleaner. While there are some very good DIY carpet stain removal techniques, there’s always a chance that a bit of discoloration or odor will remain. Better to not risk losing the sale for something that can be handled efficiently for a “well worth it” price tag.

Be Safe!

DIY carpet stain removal usually involves solvents that are safe for everyday use in most instances. However, make sure that no one is your house is allergic to any of them, including pets, before you attempt to treat the stain.
If you are uncertain about chemicals and what they will do, please feel free to contact us.

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